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Cowboy Wisdom:...When you give a personal lesson in meanness to a critter or to a person, don't be  surprised if they learn their lesson.

Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin' it back.





July 2008

The Diggin West terriers are back from our first of two hunt trips planed for 2008.  Our trip started off meeting up with Sherri Rossmiller and her crew.   Now heading to Indiana for a couple of days with Joe Shapiro and Gaye Redpath.  Joe and Gaye were such a delight to be out in the field with.  I can’t thank them enough for all the laughs and great memories and the raccoon and groundhog to boot.  Shadow with his second time in the field, showed great drive and earning his NHC to raccoon.   Of course Cowboy, not wanting his son (Shadow) to get one over on him, also earns a NHC to groundhog.

Our journey continued onto Ohio at Stephanie Taylor’s.  We got into a few digs on some groundhogs but our novice dogs just couldn’t keep up.  Of course I try to keep it interesting while coming up on a creek I drop my locater box into the water.  If you need entertainment along with your hunting trip just have me come along.  Traveling with me is never dull moment.

As we ended our trip at Tim and Dawn’s with a little more hunting to do. Dawn and Sherri knowing that Cowboy only needed one more NHC to bronze they got on the phone to Susan Parson’s to see if she could take Cowboy and I out one more time. Being it was last minute, and not sure if she would do it, Susan graciously agreed.

Cowboy was ready to go and within an hour he located a 2-hole set in-between to large trees. The tube was about 2 1/2 feet deep. Cowboy entered the one set and pushed the coon to the other set. This is where Cowboy jumped out and into the other set and engaged contact with the coon. Even though the NHC couldn't be written as we could barley see Cowboy's foot. He was trying to push and get in further but the large roots were stopping him. The coon just kept his distance in the middle of the tube. Paper or no Paper, to me it doesn't matter; Cowboy is my bronze dog in my eyes always willing to work and please me.

Ending back at Tim and Dawn’s. Dawn took the time to groom our dogs and give me a much needed grooming lesson. Shadow will be my well-groomed model! Thanks so much Tim and Dawn.

I have to say although the dogs had a good time in the field my Cowboy is happy to be home and sharing my bed again. It hasn’t stopped him from hunting he was ready to go first thing in the morning chasing the squirrels.

It was nice to be out with so many wonderful judges and the great knowledge I acquired from them. I can’t thank them enough for all their support! You guys are awesome. Cowboy, Shadow and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Life is good with the dogs in the field and friends to share it with.

February 2008

Wow what a year 2007 was, traveling to Washington, Idaho, TX and the CA trials.  It was a joy meeting so many new terrier friends and seeing the old friends as well.  Although we only had one hunting trip is was fun traveling and promoting the first litter of pups by Shadow and Malarkey.  (see puppy page).

Now with Malarkey back in shape, it’s time to get back into the fields.  We have 2 hunting trips plan for 2008 season.  The Diggin’ West terriers are looking forward to their trips to Ohio and Maryland.  If we only lived closer to back east!!!!

Once again, ending our year with the Diggin’ West Challenge in September, we had a great group of terriers and friends come.  We saw many new faces and enthusiastic people getting involved.  I have to thank all those wonderful people who always give  a helping hand.  Because of there tremendous support we are having another Diggin West Challenge coming in 2008.   It was so nice to receive all the wonderful donations to the raffle.  We were able to support the JRT Research Foundation with a check for $788.00 not to mention helping the Madera Animal Shelter.

Again, we are excepting donations to support the Research Foundation.  Remember with your donation you will receive free raffle tickets.  Also, any company that supports the Diggin West Challenge, we will be developing a sponsor page on the web site.  We will be able to not only list the sponsors, but also add their link for their web site.

Looking forward to seeing many of you again at shows, in the fields or at the Diggin West Challenge. 

August 2007 

The Diggin’ West family continues to grow with Malarkey having there first litter with Shadow.  Malarkey had 6 pups, 4 boys and 2 girls.  We are very pleased with this cross and have kept 3 pups.  They are 4 months old and on they’re way to Washington for their first show.  See Diggin West Joker, Dazzle and Razzle on our puppy page or on the offspring’s link in Shadow and Malarkey page.

Although our February hunt trip was canceled, we did manage to make the Texas trial in March and do some hunting.  The trial was a good time for Cowboy winning Super Earth Champion.  After the trial it was off to hunt.  It was Shadow and Malarkey’s first hunt trip with Cowboy along to guide them in the expertise of hunting.  All the dogs enjoyed their time in the field with Cowboy working an armadillo.  We ended our trip with a visit to grandma and granddads place.  This is where Malarkey was taken up with a baby Brahman calf.

January 2007 

Already the end of January and looking into February we had to cancel our hunting trip to Missouri due to the ice storms.  This was going to be Malarkey’s first hunting trip.  Speaking of hunting, the Diggin’ West terriers are looking forward to hunting this year as we plan to cut back on trials to fit in our hunting trips.  We are working on trips to Texas, Missouri and Maryland. 

Stay tuned for more Diggin’ West News!

2006-Year End

Annually the Diggin West Family takes a vacation going to an out of state trial or a hunting trip.  This year we decided on the Rainier Hunt Classic in Auburn, Washington.  Besides Colorado and our first trip to Nationals in 2005, this was one of the furthest driving trials.  If you haven’t been to this trial you are missing out.  The facilities are beautiful, tucked away in the lovely countryside of Auburn, where my two hunting enthusiasts, Cowboy and Malarkey took the reserve champion in the go to ground class.  What fun we had meeting new terrier friends. We continued our vacation to Portland visiting family, and seeing Mt. Hood, the Coast and the Oregon gorge.  Of course the trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing some of the beautiful wineries Oregon had to offer.

Cowboy & Mila’s offspring’s are enjoying their new homes around California.  It’s nice to receive the pictures and stories of Laredo, Lizzie, Maverick, Scoot and Bucky.  They truly have the best homes.  Pictured at left Laredo is falling a sleep in his water bucket, plum tuckered out at his last trial before leaving to his new home.  And Lizzie is enjoying her second home at the river.  She takes occasional swims while enjoy her boat rides.  Of course Maverick taking a cat nap with his cousin.  Scoot says any body wants to play ball!  We can’t forget sweet little Bucky, he has the best of all worlds.  Bucky enjoying some time in Italy…yes Italy!  He has a summer time home in Umbria, Italy and when not in Italy he is enjoy the coastal life of Santa Barbara, CA.  Bucky, like his sire Cowboy is sizing up the lizards in this 600-year-old olive tree while in Italy.  His special passion was hiding in the tree daily waiting for the lizards.

Ending our 2006 year with the Diggin’ West Challenge was extra special.  Because of my first terrier Cowboy and an ill family member, we decided to do a commemorative program benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation that we called the Paws for Cause.  (see special tribute to Cowboy on Cowboy’s page).   The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.  Each year we try to support local charities through the love of our animals.   Animals touch the hearts of children!

 The Diggin’ West Challenge also has a special raffle each year that is geared towards hunting.  This year’s special raffle was a camouflage ex-pen set up and Deben MK3 locater box & collar.  Donating the camouflage ex-pen cover was Doc & Cheryl of Glenwood.  It’s special friends like you that the Diggin West keep its success.  We are very grateful to all those who support the Diggin West each and every year.   

May 2006

I started off our 2006 year with my first hunting trip to Maryland with Quail Oak Cowboy.  Our trip started off with a huge snowstorm that we delayed our flight out for two days.  Still determined to go, we left for Maryland with anticipation not knowing what to expect.  Cowboy and I both rookies, we quickly adapted to the snow and settled in.  Off we went for 5 days of hunting.  The experience we were about to learn; foot tracks, hair, dens, digging, the quarry and smells, so much excitement for us.  After three days Cowboy had the hang of things and worked a den and bolted his first Red Fox…………yippy skippy we are hooked.  The remainder of the hunting trip, including watching the experience dogs, was most enjoyable, not to mention the great company of Connie, Yvonne and the Morrison’s.


The Arizona Rescue Trial in February 2005 was a good one for the puppies.   Shadow won his class on Saturday and was second on Sunday.   Bosco won his class both days, and on Sunday, under Sandhi Rogerson, went on to be Best Dog Pup and Reserve Puppy Champion.

And, most recently, the SCJRTC March Madness trial was pretty much a repeat performance!   Shadow placed second both days, and once again, Bosco took his class both days and went on to be Best Dog Pup and Reserve Puppy Champion under Catherine Brown.    And not leaving out the performance placings, Cowboy was 6th in g-t-g championship, as well as pinning 3rd & 4th in Obedience.  It wasn't Mila's weekend, but she looked pretty nonetheless!

Diggin’ West has added a new cowgirl to our family; Glenwood Malarkey.  Like her name, she is full of love and affection.  We are so delighted to have her and thank Cheryl Costello of Glenwood Terriers for giving us the opportunity to own her.  See Malarkey’s own page under Cowgirls.

Our year continued to be exceptionally rewarding for us.  With our first litter and the great success of Diggin West Bosco and Diggin West Shadow, our show season was absolutely the most fun one should be allowed to have.  We finished up the show season, with our very first trip to the JRTCA Nationals.  It was an exciting one with Shadow and Malarkey, both coming home as big winners.

Once again the annual Diggin West Challenge was a great success.  We held a special raffle giving away a three day all expense paid hunting trip to Ohio.  Tyler Brown and Stephanie Taylor provided their time out in the fields to the big winner.  Congratulations to Connie McKee!  On behalf of the Diggin West Challenge I would like to give a special thank you to Tyler and Stephanie for their great support! 

We closed the year by being blessed at Christmas with puppies by Quail Oak Cowboy x Wild Oats Mila Mae.  We are looking forward to seeing what 2006 has to offer us with the new little cowpokes.


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