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Glenwood Malarkey       Wild Oats Mila Mae     Diggin' West Dazzle 


Glenwood Malarkey
(Allstar Ballistic x Glenwood Pola)
Whelped:  1/15/2005, Reg #:511-06A
12".5, Rough, Tri
NHC to Ground Hog
PLL: Normal, BAER: Normal, CERF: Clear



Malarkey's Offspring

We are very proud to welcome Malarkey to the Diggin West family.  Malarkey has quickly captured our hearts with her outstanding temperament and good looks.  She is as sweet as she looks and always willing to please.  Like her sire Allstar Ballistic and dam Glenwood Pola, she has started her puppy show season with a bang.  Winning 2 Best Bitch Puppy, a Champion Bitch Puppy and a Reserve Bitch Puppy.  She finished off her puppy show season at the 2005 JRTCA Nationals with a 6th place finish in a large class of nice bitches.  With her great start in the show ring we are sure she will excel as an adult.   We are looking forward to a great future with Malarkey, not only in the show ring, but also out in the fields hunting.  Something she truly enjoys on the ranch.

Malarkey’s first litter has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Diggin West breeding program.  Malarkey has become the foundation of our breeding program with her outstanding pedigree.  She is a wonderful brood bitch passing on her beautiful movement and lovely temperament.  She is definitely a well-structured terrier and something we hope she continues to pass onto her litters.

Malarkey’s Highlights:

   2 x Working Terrier Champion

   4 x Best Working Bitch

   1 x Best 4-6 mo Bitch pup

   1 x Best 6-12 mo Bitch pup

   1 x Reserve 6-12 mo Bitch pup



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