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Cowboy Wisdom:...If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin' (unless you have a terrier!)

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.

Secrets never work, what is whispered in the closets today is hollered from the barntop tomorrow.



Cowboys:  Quail Oak Cowboy Jack       Diggin' West Shadow    Diggin' West Razzle


Quail Oak Cowboy Jack
(Quail Oak Banchee x Quail Oak China)
Bronze Medallion to Red Fox, Ground Hog, Raccoon
Whelped:  3/25/2000, Reg #:605-01A
14.5", Broken, Tri
PLL: Normal, BAER: Normal, CERF: Clear



Cowboy's Offspring


We are pleased with Cowboy’s harsh coat, good looks, and extreme desire to hunt.  He is a consistent winner at Lure Coursing, Puissance, has received many Reserve Champion GTG.  His favorite past time is sizing up the squirrels on the ranch.  He has that wonderful ability to please, which allows us to compete successfully in obedience and agility.  He holds a level one certificate in Canine Performance Events.  Most of all, we are ecstatic about his first offspring, Diggin West Bosco,  who has to his credit  2  Best Dog Pup, 2  Reserve Puppy Champion, and 3  Puppy Racing Champion.  Now following with the second offspring, Diggin West Laredo, who started his show season with a Best Dog Puppy win.


Cowboy's desire to hunt convinced me he needed to be in the field hunting.  We were able to accomplish our goal in February 2006 where his first hunting trip to Maryland he earned a Natural Hunting Certificate to Red Fox.






A Tribute to Cowboy!

Through the eyes of Cowboy as a puppy comes an owner!  Too much of my surprise my new owners love for me is exceptional.  With cute and adoring ways I quickly mold my new owners into what I think should be a dog’s life.  

 Needless to say over the past 6 years with my Alfa owners we butt heads, they wanting it their way and me the terrier I want it my way.

 I was being the rebel rouser; my Alfa parents quickly enroll me in an obedience class.  I don’t have to tell you, terriers and obedience do not mix.  Lessons were quickly over.

 Now it’s time for this thing called conformation!  I follow other dogs in a circle, standing “I can not sit” I wait for my turn with a judge.  I want to bite them, as they touch my privates.  This is a dog’s life!  Not what I dream of!

 Fun for me is sizing up the squirrels at home.  Sleeping in bed by my parent’s side.   Enjoy lots of treats.  This is a Cowboys life!

 Life now at 6 years!  My parents and I have bonded as one.  I no longer have to be Top Dog!  My cute and adoring ways have become my parent’s favorite.  Because of me Diggin’ West Challenge / Terries is what I am all about!

 It truly is Cowboy’s Way!



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