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Cowboy Wisdom:...If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin' (unless you have a terrier!)

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.

Secrets never work, what is whispered in the closets today is hollered from the barntop tomorrow.



Cowboy is the Sire of:



Our litters out of Quail Oak Cowboy Jack x Wild Oats Mila Mae  have shown great promise to the Diggin West Family.  Below are Diggin West Laredo & Diggin West Bosco.




Diggin West Laredo
Quail Oak Cowboy Jack x Wild Oats Mila Mae

Much like Bosco, Laredo is off to a great show season with a Best 4 to 6 mos. Puppy Champion.  Laredo is a joy to be around with his wonderful temperament and playful personality.  He often accompanies us to the team ropings and has become the arena mascot.

Laredo is now enjoying his new home in Santa Barbara, CA.  Congratulations to James!



Diggin West Bosco
Quail Oak Cowboy Jack x Wild Oats Mila Mae

Bosco is our dynamite in a small package.  He is a smooth coat with a tiny flexible chest, good bone, cat like feet and the sweetest lovable personality.  His personality reflects both parents; determination from his sire Cowboy, and his playfulness from his dam Mila Mae.  Bosco is now enjoying the good life on the east coast! Congratulations to Mark & Barbara Reid.

Bosco’s Highlights:

   3 x Puppy Racing Champion

   2 x Conformation Best Dog Puppy

   2 x Conformation Reserve Champion Puppy


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